Elena V. Farrance Biography


Elena V. Farrance is a Florida State Licensed Acupuncture Physician and Florida Licensed Massage Therapist; she also maintains such status in New York State. Born in Russia, qualified as a Reserve Army Nurse, she had intensive training in psychology with specialized preparation in family therapy and counseling and practiced actively in the Krasnodar School District. Having emigrated to the US in 1994 she received her NY State Massage License in 1998 and after a three and a half year course of study at the New York College of  Health Professions she earned a Masters Degree in Science and State Licensure in Acupuncture in 2002. Directly after graduation she did an internship at Krasnodar Regional Hospital in Russia where she made a thorough study of acupuncture techniques used in treating hypertension and stroke patients. Her subsequent work in New York City involved a heavy and varied case load.

In 2004 she received her Florida Licenses in both Acupuncture and Massage Therapy. Dr. Farrance has thoroughly studied all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine : Acupuncture itself; Herbal Medicine; Moxibustion; Cupping; Qi Gong; Tuina and both Western and Eastern Nutrition. In her practice in New York City and here in Orlando she has used these techniques with great success. Chinese medicine emphasizes a holistic approach that treats the whole person. Her goal with each patient is to adhere to the holistic framework and put together a treatment plan to restore and maintain the patient’s health using the appropriate therapeutic methods.

Elena Farrance is committed to each patient and brings to each one her considerable knowledge, varied experience and tested skills and a desire to share the tenets and benefits of acupuncture.

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